Payment Methods

The following payment methods are available:

  • Check drawn on a U.S. bank or international money order in U.S. Dollars (3% discount)
  • International wire transfer into our U.S. bank account (3% discount; US$24 wire transfer fee)
  • Check drawn on a bank outside of the US in Pounds Sterling, Swiss Francs, Euros, or Australian Dollars
  • Direct payment in Australian Dollars into our bank account in Australia (3% discount)
  • Direct payment in Japanese Yen into our bank account in Japan (3% discount)
  • Direct payment in Pounds Sterling into our bank account in the UK (3% discount)
  • Direct payment in Polish Zloty into our bank account in Poland (3% discount)
  • Direct payment in Swiss Francs
  • Direct payment in Euros
  • Online money transfer

We will provide you with payment instructions once you have placed your order.